On 28 May 1993, the Principality of Monaco became a full member of the United Nations. Prior to that date, it had obtained observer status in June 1956.

Upon the Principality's admission, H.S.H. Prince Rainier III designated His Son, Hereditary Prince Albert as Chief of Delegation. By regularly addressing the General Assembly to present the objectives and priorities of the Princely Government, the Hereditary Prince rapidly demonstrated His great interest in the work of the Organization.

After the death of Prince Rainer III on 6 April 2005, the Hereditary Prince became Prince Albert II of Monaco. Today, He continues to follow closely the activities of the United Nations and regularly participates at its high level meetings. For instance, He participated in the 2005 World Summit commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the UN and more recently in the 2007 High level meeting on climate change.

Successive Permanent Representatives of Monaco to the United Nations in New York have been:

- H.E.Mr. Jacques Boisson (1993 - 2003)
- H.E.Mr. Michel Borghini (2003 - 2004)
- H.E.Mr. Gilles Noghès (2004 - 2009 )
- H.E.Mrs. Isabelle Picco (2009 - ... )

As defined by H.S.H Prince Albert II, Monaco's international priorities are articulated around two principal themes : the defense and promotion of human rights (and more specifically the rights of the child) and sustainable development.

Monaco is currently a member of the Executive Board of UNESCO and the Executive Board of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Government of the Principality is engaged in an active policy of international cooperation through its Office of International Cooperation and Development.